Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy: Bringing Your Favorites Straight to Your Doorstep

At Berio Store, we’re dedicated to making sure your shopping haul lands in your hands swiftly and smoothly.

Choose Your Shipping Speed:

  • Regular Delivery: Sit tight for 3-5 business days, and your goodies will arrive right where you want them.
  • Express Delivery: Can’t wait to meet your new buys? Opt for our express option; they’ll be with you in 2-3 business days.

A heads up: items made just for you (think custom or personalized treasures) might take longer to get on the road.

How We Calculate Shipping Costs:

Your shipping fee is tailored to the weight of your wanders and your chosen delivery speed at checkout. We strive for transparency and affordability every step of the way.

Weather Woes & More:

We aim always to be punctual, but sometimes Mother Nature or unexpected hiccups can slow us down. While we cross our fingers for smooth sailing, please know that delays out of our control can happen.

A Note on Package Safety:

While Berio Store packs each order carefully, the journey from our door to yours can have bumps. We can’t take the fall for lost or stolen packages, but we urge you to keep a close eye on your tracking info for peace of mind.

We’re Here for You:

Have you Chosen the Berio Store for your shopping spree? You’ve made our day! If you’re wondering about your order or need help with shipping details, reach out to our customer support heroes. We love to help!

Thanks for bringing Berio Store into your home. Happy shopping!